Alstom - Quality Assurance

In June 2013 Assign was requested by an IGT OEM to provide quality assurance specialists to conduct inventory and source inspection at various of their suppliers on site in CH, UK, Europe and US. Within a period of 6 months a team of more than 20 specialists were deployed in these locations. The Inventory inspectors were based in Birr just outside the Swiss capital Zurich where the Alstom’s assembly plant is located. The source inspectors were based in the other locations.

The project was created to minimize the risk of having defect parts causing severe damage to the large turbine engines in operation.  It was of significant importance that no parts passed without being carefully inspected and documented.  


“We are very impressed by the professionalism and speed that Assign managed to gather a very competent team of specialist and have them active across two continents”.

Said:  David Moody, Project Manager at Alstom CH.