Assign Group AB

Assign is a Swedish based engineering company that is constantly setting new goals many of which carries an active international profile. We passionately believe in obtaining our clients vision of the future while maintaining cost and timing. Assign Group AB is the holding company of all subsdiaries in the Group. Please contact the Assign company that best suit your needs.


Assign Professional AB

Our subsidiary company Assign Professional has a focus on international projects and is active across Europe as well as Asia, and in the US through our daughter company Assign Professional Inc. Our forté is to provide skilled engineers to the Automotive, Aviation and Power generation sector. Indeed we support a plethora of international clients in the automotive sector with senior specialists primarily in the area of Engineering and Design.

Assign Professional Inc

Following Assign´s strategy to expand to the US continent the company Assign Professional Inc. was established in 2013 as a subsidiary to Assign Professional AB. The current geographical footprint is on both coasts of the US, in states like California, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida. The industrial focus is on the Automotive, Energy and Aviation sectors where Assign offers highly qualified engineers.

Assign Systems AB

Assign Systems was established early 2015 as a result of the ongoing strategy to achieve operational units with unique focus on specific business areas. Assign System´s main objective is to provide senior specialists in the area of In-vehicle Electronics, Infotainment, Active safety and Embedded software development to the automotive industry. The Company is also an advocate of delivering ISO 26262 certified products to the Automotive industry with a focus on HMI development.

Assign Professional (UK)

Branch office of Assign Professional handling the UK market.