Work with Nadia

Flexible working environment makes it easy for me to find a balance between work obligations and family demands.

"I enjoy working at Assign for many reasons, one of them is because I feel that they care about me as their employee and that I always can ask them for help in any matter and they will try to help me solve my problem. Another reason is that they are a family-friendly workplace which helps me to get a good balance between work obligations and family demands."

--- Nadia Forsmoo

My Story

I used to work with HR, Recruitment and payroll before I joined Assign in 2017. I love working at Assign because they let me work with what’s best for the employees in mind. I feel really passionate about HR and how to make a company successful through the employees, and I feel that Assign appreciate that qualities in me. As a working mom it is important for me that my employer understand the struggle to have a balance between work and family, and I feel that Assign do understand that. That´s why Assign is the right workplace for me!

Our Philosophy


Our consultants have the professional knowledge and skillset to deliver uncompromised results to its clients. Assign’s consultants are confident in their profession and strictly adhere to laws and regulations which include a specific code of conduct how we perform business, as a company. Assign has always been in a high rank of choice among its customers, and in particular for our longstanding experience in the field of technical consulting, as well as the ability to deliver value to clients. We simply know the market and deliver what our clients expects from us.


As a customer of Assign you will find that our consultants will go the extra mile to reach the goals you may have. Our objective is always to be proactive and deliver above expectations. Be it a client that needs extra help, or one of our consultants in need of assistance we always strive to be there for everyone. For Assign it is important that we as a company is engaged at all levels creating an environment that is inspiring for our consultants as well as customers.


Our working culture signifies flexibility which is a key fundament of our business. We believe it is important to our consultant’s ability to be innovative and deliver the best possible results to our clients. Accommodating a customer request, or providing a balance in life for our employees comes natural to us.