Information of the company

Assign Group AB, a subsidiary of GlobalLogic Inc., is a consulting company specializing in providing its customers with skilled professionals on a global scale. We carry out assignments at customer sites as well as taking on in-house projects for our customers. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our customers are to be found across the globe and we are currently operating in the automotive, aerospace and IT sectors.

Company Presentation

Since the company was founded in 2005, our focus has been to provide services excellence to customers in our key areas. We are now one of the leading providers in the automotive area with focus on design, electronics and engineering. The industrial footprint in the aerospace and IT sectors is also growing rapidly.

Most of our consultants hold graduate degrees in design, computer science, electrical engineering or equivalent professional qualifications combined with extensive experience. All our experts are carefully selected by a thoroughly quality assured process.

As a consulting company we constantly set new goals, many of which carries an active international profile. We passionately believe in obtaining our clients vision of developing future technology innovations while maintaining cost and timing.

Assign is also a strong believer of adopting influences from all over the world, hence our employees consist of more than 15 nationalities, representing a unique and invaluable competence of the company.

We support several international clients in the automotive sector with senior specialists primarily in the area of Engineering, Design as well as developing systems for In-vehicle Electronics, Infotainment and Active safety.

As the Nordic Partner to DiSTI Corporation we provide specialists in HMI Development, using toolsets like GL Studio and VE Studio for Virtual Maintenance Training. Assign provide its clients with tailored solutions, including cloud-based training environments (AWS) and ISO 26262 certified HMI solutions. Customers are to be found in the Automotive and Aerospace industries around the globe.

Our Philosophy


Our consultants have the professional knowledge and skillset to deliver uncompromised results to its clients. Assign’s consultants are confident in their profession and strictly adhere to laws and regulations which include a specific code of conduct how we perform business, as a company. Assign has always been in a high rank of choice among its customers, and in particular for our longstanding experience in the field of technical consulting, as well as the ability to deliver value to clients. We simply know the market and deliver what our clients expects from us.


As a customer of Assign you will find that our consultants will go the extra mile to reach the goals you may have. Our objective is always to be proactive and deliver above expectations. Be it a client that needs extra help, or one of our consultants in need of assistance we always strive to be there for everyone. For Assign it is important that we as a company is engaged at all levels creating an environment that is inspiring for our consultants as well as customers.


Our working culture signifies flexibility which is a key fundament of our business. We believe it is important to our consultant’s ability to be innovative and deliver the best possible results to our clients. Accommodating a customer request, or providing a balance in life for our employees comes natural to us.