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Our extensive experience within the Design arena reaches across all disciplines in the automotive design industry. The breadth of this design experience gives the company not only a very solid foot hold in this industry but also a source of knowledge that is key not only to Assign’s but also our clients future growth.

Front Lamp Surface Design

  • Sketch as input and 3D surfacing is carried out from concept till production class A.
  • Coordinating with studio engineers and suppliers for the engineering feasibility.
  • Working closely with the designers with alias surface modeling technique.


UX/UI Design London Taxi TX5 Cluster Display

  • UX research and define user experience pattern with SW and HW areas.
  • UX Strategy Design with Cluster Screen.
  • Visual Styling Design Lead in Cluster Screen.
  • Prototyping UX/UI Design for Cluster and Head Unit display with embedded infotainment system in Taxi.
  • Shipped Cluster Screen with suppliers into product configuration phase with suppliers.


UI Design Volvo Concept You

  • Graphic Design and UX branding experience with Volvo Concept You Cluster and Head Unit Display.
  • Design the look of 4 tiles system of the Head Unit display.
  • Branding Illustration design that further created inspiration for XC soul design.



Aerospace companies experience an increase in demand globally not only from the commercial airline industry, but also from the growth in the defense industry. We provide services primarily in the quality assurance area making sure our clients conforms to the rigorous quality standards. Assign also delivers HMI tools for development of the graphical interface for pilots as well as virtual maintenance tools for the staff servicing the aircrafts.

Delivery to SAAB Group

  • As the Nordic partner, Assign delivered DiST's Virtual Trainning Tool VE Studio to SAAB Group.


It Management

Assign offer project management consulting service throughout all industries. Our management consultants help our clients improve their business performance and grow by solving problems, finding new and better ways of conducting business. Assign provides senior management consultants with experience from many types of industries, and a skillset to deliver objective advice to our clients continued business improvement.

Assignment for SCA Hygiene Products

  • Involved in PLM development group
  • Storing all drawings in SAP
  • Implementing a naming conversion in SAP
  • Updating/creating specifications in SAP
  • New material description in SAP